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Quiet roller shutter motorisation, more creature comforts

Loud, clattering roller shutters considerably spoiled the peace and quiet normally enjoyed by the residents of a rented apartment in Soest, Germany. The solution: conversion to the quiet-as-a-whisper RolMotion drive series from elero. The result was so convincing that the owner, a construction company, set store by elero from the very outset in its next new construction project: all 40 sets of roller shutters on a multi-family house in North-Rhine Westphalia were fitted with RolMotion drives.

More creature comforts thanks to whisper mode

“The expectations of buyers and tenants have risen significantly in recent years, electric roller shutters are now the standard. People are specifically asking much more frequently about how loud shutters are.” This is something the elero regional manager Marcel Fellhölter has regularly heard from his trade customers in the past few years. Ultimately, noise levels have a tangible impact on the comfort of a home: automated roller shutters that you cannot help but notice when they suddenly start moving can rudely awaken young babies from their midday nap or be a disturbance in the middle of a video meeting when working from home, for example.

A solution to this problem is offered by elero with the RolMotion product series, which has a whisper mode. The opening and closing of blinds is scarcely audible in this slow operating mode: while the standard mode is already quiet with a noise level of just 45 decibels, in its slow mode RolMotion produces a mere 35 decibels – comparable with the sound of leaves rustling. RolMotion 868 always moves roller shutters in whisper mode with automated commands; manually this feature can be activated at the push of a button. In standard mode with the usual running speed the profiles are brought to a gentle stop before the end position. This protects the roller shutters and extends the service life of the whole system.

Value appreciation thanks to high-quality drives

The specialist firm Stiens Baumontagen in Erwitte-Horn, near Soest, has many years of experience in the refurbishment and renovation of old buildings and therefore recommended RolMotion for the conversion of the rented apartment. The benefits were tangible: the noise emissions indoors amounted to a mere 26 decibels. “The result was not only pleasing for the residents, but also for the construction company. With new construction projects it intends to use elero RolMotion from the very outset in the future. Thus ensuring there is not the possibility of costs for later remediation of any defects, and the up-market fittings increase the value of the property,” says Marcel Fellhölter. The first new construction project with eleven residential units has already been fitted with RolMotion drives.

In addition to optimised running characteristics, RolMotion convinces with the proven elero drive technology. Just like the entire RolTop series, RolMotion has obstacle and blockage recognition, as well as Soft Start and Soft Stop. This means that the drives are reliable and have a long service life while protecting roller shutters. elero underlines this with its seven-year material guarantee for RolMotion. The product series is available as a wired version or with radio technology. In addition elero has developed an “EnOcean” version. The installation and adjustment of the RolMotion drives is, as ever, simple and swift. The company from the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg – which specialises in roller shutters and sun protection within Italy’s Nice Group – has already been honoured with the R+T 2021 Innovation Prize for its intelligent roller shutter drive.

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