elero GmbH Antriebstechnik

Maybachstr. 30
73278 Schlierbach

Phone: +49 7021 9539-0
Fax: 49 7021 9539-212
E-Mail: info@elero.de

Local contact

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Rollstar-Elero Ltd.

94. Váci út
1133 Budapest
+36-1 288-0380

About RollStar-elero Ltd.

Not incidentally, in 2004, the company was established by its experted parent company, who as a RollStar Ltd. has been continuing its shading technology business for more than 30 years in Hungary.
The company's main goal is not less than to publicize the automatization and represent professionally Elero products in the country.
Their headquarters is in Budapest.  

Contact person by region

West Hungary region

Árpád Cserép                

Tel.: +36-70-316-2437                    Email: nyugat@elero.hu

Eastern Hungary region

Gábor Nagy

Phone: +36--20-969-5302    Email: kelet@elero.hu

Unternehmenssitz, Budapest

Ilona Jenei            

Phone: +36-20-955-8545              Email: info@elero.hu

Product range

The RollStar-LRO Ltd. is concerned with not just the tubular division but with the Elero linear industry as well, meanwhile providing all the necessary technical guidance to its business partners.
Merchandise with linear drives as well as tubular motors for all types of awnings, venetian blinds, roller blinds, solar system and shutters. 

For a short term and fast delivery, the entire range of the products is available in its warehouse in Budapest.
Receipt of the goods is ensured in person and by parcel delivery.